Intensive Therapy at Closer Couples

Intensive sessions produce much larger effects and significantly less relapse.
Intensive Therapy

This innovative and highly specialized modality, which researchers call “massing and fading,” often provides a greater level of distress-reduction than typical weekly sessions do. Suzanne has shared her findings with Dr. John Gottman who is researching this model at the Gottman Institute, and the preliminary study results are quite encouraging. This model is especially helpful in working through betrayals, addressing entrenched patterns of defensiveness, and down-regulating hard to manage affect during conflict. 


What are Intensive Therapy Sessions?

Couples who opt for this model get the same number of hours of therapy, but it is scheduled differently. For example, rather than having eight weekly 60-minute sessions, the couple might meet with the therapist for a full day, with later follow-up if needed. Investigators found that intensive sessions produced much larger effects and there was significantly less relapse eight months after termination than with the standard treatment. This is a remarkable finding and couples counselors who can are adopting this method.

Ask yourself:

  • What if we had the uninterrupted time needed to dedicate to important conversations?

  • How would it be if we could remove destructive conflict?

  • Would you like to increase the flow of appreciation between you?

  • What would happen between you if defensiveness could be dropped?

  • What if we could eradicate blame and replace it with curiosity and good will?

  • How can we build a culture of appreciation?

  • What barriers exist to being well known in our relationship?