More About Intensive Therapy

Suzanne has trained extensively at The Gottman Institute and at ICEEFT

What are Suzanne’s specialties?

  • Healing after infidelity
  • Diffusing physiological arousal (flooding)
  • Managing gridlocked issues
  • Infusing love, patience and harmony into communication
  • Turning debate into dialogue


Suzanne has trained extensively at The Gottman Institute (  and at ICEEFT (, both world-renowned couples therapy research institutes.  Both encourage longer sessions with couples, based on studies. For more information about the methods used at CloserCouples, please take a look at and at Suzanne has completed Basic Training and some advanced coursework in EMDR: 


More on Longer Sessions

Suzanne’s training includes research-based clinical training as well as modalities that honor psyche, soul and spirit.  She is in the process of becoming a Holotropic Breathwork facilitator.  She has been accepted into the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies where she has completed a Utah site application and is in training to provide a breakthrough treatment for PTSD (completing Parts A and B of the training protocol). In these highly transformative settings, and indeed in many cultures and healing practices, there are all day or multi-day rituals and processes that allow time enough for true transformation to take place. And now, at the Gottman Institute there is research being conducted on these multi-hour and multi-day sessions with promising results. Suzanne anticipates that the intensive model will be considered the state of the art in light of the compelling anecdotal and research-based evidence for all day sessions punctuated by integrative sessions. Such models allow more individuals and couples to stop suffering sooner.

When the ingredient of ample time is added to many processes, richness and complexity often emerge. In couples’ therapy, time allows for healthy risks, the safe dismantling of defenses and the embracing and management of significant divisions and nuanced interpersonal difficulties.  Time allows for a much more respectful pace, which feels safer and to some, even sacred. 

Suzanne has noticed that lengthier sessions allow her to make more useful interventions because there is actually time for a beginning, middle, and end to a complex process necessary for real relief.  A longer single session provides a “container” that weekly shorter sessions cannot always achieve, and a surrounding that allows for more disclosure and greater opportunities for healing. This field for healing cannot be created under pressured time constraints.

Rushing is a form of violence and healing does not respond well to it.

To locate other Certified Gottman therapists that provide marathon therapy in other parts of the country, please click Find a Therapist or call The Gottman Institute at 888-523-9042 x1. All requests for therapy are kept confidential.


What's next in Intensive Therapy?

The Gottman Institute is in the process of developing highly unique and specialized software which until now has only been available at the Gottman Love Lab.  The Gottman Love Lab at the University of Washington is known throughout the world for its research on marital stability and divorce prediction, having studied over 3,000 couples over a twenty year period. The technology available only in the Gottman Love Lab will be coming soon only to Gottman Certified Couples Therapists.

Research regarding the above:

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Theory and Practice of Online Therapy
Internet-delivered Interventions for Individuals, Groups, Families, and Organizations
ByHaim Weinberg, Arnon Rolnick