Intensive Therapy  - Getting Started

Getting started with Intensive Therapy is like taking the first step in a wonderful journey.
Intensive Therapy Only qualified couples who are committed to making positive changes will be scheduled for these sessions.  CloserCouples is highly committed to investigating this innovative modality and recognizes that it represents a level of intensity that is not suitable for every couple.
Partners must be willing to complete a Preparatory Session to ensure a clinical fit between us and the couple's readiness for this model, which is definitely not for everyone. Besides helping us gauge your readiness for this process it will also help us to determine together the best therapy approach for your relationship. Your responses will help us see whether there are contraindications to couples therapy which may actually make things worse for you in  your relationship. The preparatory session is also designed to protect you from getting into a protracted therapy session with a partner who has already made a firm decision to leave the relationship.

How Much Do Intensive Therapy Sessions Cost?

The cost for intensives is no higher than traditional therapy. The is an option to spread the payments out over a traditional two-three month period, while the treatment itself is concentrated and focused into one day. In order to confirm your session with CloserCouples, a minimum deposit must be made in advance, with the remaining balance to be paid at the conclusion of your intensive. Intensives cancelled with at least 48 hours notice will receive a full refund. Intensives canceled within 24 hours forfeit the full deposit. Please contact for current deposit and rate information. 


How Do We Get Started?

If this model is feasible for you, please send a letter to , copying your partner, to begin.

In addition to completing the assessments, I encourage you also to watch Making Relationships Work, a film on Dr. John Gottman’s relationship research. 

Links to Gottman Research presentation:
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