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I downloaded an enrichment program for couples the other day. There was something in the promotion promising the secrets of a great relationship. The “one word” you could use like magic to turn things around. I had the fear of missing out! I have been a couple’s therapist for so many years; I’ve had some excellent training and experiences, but still I wondered, “What do they know that I don’t know? What IS that secret? “

When I explored the download (yes I bought it, as I have FOMO) there was nothing new in it. All good material, excellent advice, solid suggestions, but of course, nothing that works like “magic,” unless applied in the milieu of other healthy habits.

So while it may not catapult these paragraphs to “most viewed article,” I pledge to take it easy on my readers. I won’t promise anything that will cause you to click “buy now” for fear of missing out. You’re anxious enough already.

Rather, I want to share the truths I have found about relationships. Research, literature, theologians, other bloggers, self help books and some gurus have interesting ideas. I read all kinds of books about relationships, covering everything from conflict research to tantric sex, and enjoy learning about various models of therapy, and keep a pulse on all kinds of programs for couples. 

My goal is to gently place before you some options you may not have considered before. Without the promises of quick fixes, because you know and I know that strong, beautiful relationships have been cultivated, not created in an instant. But I would be honored to share with you some interesting ways that cultivation might occur. And then if it helps you, you are welcome to sign up to receive more.

I look forward to learning along the way with you.


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