The following are some comments from CloserCouples' clients.
This therapist saved our marriage - she focused on our needs in therapy - reinforced Gottman therapy - but was very responsive to our individual situation. There is nothing we did not like about her.  We would recommend her to others. Suzanne guided us through a crisis point in our relationship- with skill and ability.

Suzanne helped us open up to each other and start communicating. She helped us to be positive with each other, but also helped us talk through difficult issues.

She knew when things were getting too intense and helped us pull back when necessary. We are happy that we decided to ask Suzanne Pratt to be our marriage counselor.

[We had] ...notable improvement in our communications. Illumination of our good intentions and loving regard for one another. Insights into some of our basic differences in personality styles. Safe, supportive environment for us to speak to one another about our concerns. This is a highly skilled and very hard-working therapist. She is insightful and moreover clearly has studied hard to master the rubric of the Gottman approach. She is very disciplined in her work with us, yet also quite agile in facilitating our sessions. The excellent quality of her work reflects extraordinary caring for her clients, including remaining professional and true to the integrity of her training. She is truly outstanding. I think this is very challenging work and not at all easy. She does it really well. We are very grateful for her commitment.

As a clinician, I believe that Suzanne exudes wisdom well beyond her years of experience. Her wide range of clinical skills allow her to effectively translate her insight into concrete ways of helping her clients. Interpersonally, she has a pleasant, elegant manner about her. She tends to put people at ease, facilitates communication in both group and individual settings.

Professionally, she has always stood out as being receptive to feedback. She is easy to approach. She listens carefully and tries to incorporate new information into existing schemas and plans. Furthermore, Suzanne is a hard worker. I have personally witnessed her commitment to various professional projects. She is dedicated to doing her best. She always seems to be interested in learning as much as she can about whatever she is working on, and her motivation has impressed me over the years.

Suzanne’s personality is disarming, to say the least. Her interpersonal warmth and sense of humor are magnetic, and people tend to want to be around her. In sum, I believe she is a wonderful asset to clients and colleagues alike.